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Digital Marketing

10 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Facebook Page

Facebook is an essential space for communicating about the activities of your association, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali whether to raise awareness of a cause, recruit members or support the development of a project. But to be sure to reach your audience, there are a few mistakes to avoid. Here are the ten most important.

Mistake #1: Badly referencing your page

This problem often results from a bad choice of page name, a profile that is not complete and/or a non-
conformity with the visual identity of your association. Regarding the first point, it is important to check that other Facebook pages do not have the same name as you. By adding “asso”, your city or your department number in the name of your Facebook page (and/or in its “@” tag), Digital Marketing Agency Mohali you can easily improve its referencing. Your page has an “about” space. You can enter information such as your association’s website, a short presentation of your activities, your contacts, etc. A second category “History?” allows you to give more details on the corporate purpose and the overall project of your structure. Finally, as with all of your communication media, your page must comply with your graphic charter.

Mistake #2: getting the style wrong

Modern? Classic? Offbeat? Several factors related to your audience such as gender, age, geographical origin, etc. can help you choose the style and tone with which you will express yourself. It is not enough to just “share” information, it must be read and relayed.

  • Do not try to do “like the others”. Take the time to experiment and test things that resemble you.
  • Little by little, with a little creativity, you will be able to create an original tone and make your posts more appreciable and identifiable by your community.
  • If you want to be read by everyone, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali other questions may arise such as the use of inclusive writing.
  • The subtitling of your videos for the hearing impaired or the fact of systematically completing the “alternative text” part. » of your photos and visuals to make them accessible to visually impaired people.
  • We do not speak in the same way to institutions as to future members.
  • If you have several target audiences, it may be worth diversifying your communication channels,

Mistake #3: Overlooking your page’s appearance

The appearance of a page is decisive for the Internet user. In the blink of an eye, a bad a priori on your structure is quickly made. For example: if no publication has been made for several months, one can wonder if the association is still active. If your logo, profile or cover photo is not the right size or of poor quality, it can give the impression of a lack of seriousness or professionalism. You must also ensure that you are regular in your publications while paying particular attention to your visuals.

Mistake #4: Putting Irrelevant Content

Why are you sharing this content? What is the link with your association, your values? These are the questions you should ask yourself every time you prepare a publication. Your community must be able to quickly understand why you are sharing this information with them, but also what you expect from them. “Register”, “relay this platform”, “discover the new members of the office”… Remember to invite them to action at the end of the post! Photos, gifs, videos, articles, surveys, stories, etc., Facebook offers many possibilities to interact with your community. Feel free to test several to see what appeals to your audience the most.

Mistake #5: Not having an animation strategy

Just because you share something once doesn’t necessarily mean it will reach your audience. Facebook’s algorithms vary the reach of your posts. Also it is necessary to share information several times to ensure that it can be received by a large audience. Be careful, however, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali not to always publish the same thing, which would amount to spamming your audience. To avoid this, you can divide the same content into several publications. A tip: use the 3Q2COP technique: “What, Who, When, How, How Much, Where, Why” to focus each of your posts on a part of the overall message you want to convey. Once you have divided the information, plan a communication schedule to ensure its dissemination over time.

Mistake #6: Overlooking interactions

Your page is not just a storefront. It is above all a space for exchange and sharing with your community. With the “inbox” part of your page, you can respond centrally to comments below your publications and to private messages sent. Aiming for almost instantaneousness is something particularly appreciated by Internet users. Don’t ignore negative feedback. Take the time to respond calmly and professionally, trying to provide solutions as far as possible. A negative opinion without response leaves both a bad impression on the Internet user who will have challenged you and on the next people who will visit your page or see your publication.

Mistake #7: Relying solely on your page

Facebook works like an ecosystem with people, groups, events and pages. In order for your publications to be relayed more widely and to attract new people, do not hesitate to:

  1. negotiate visibility partnerships with other associations (on their page or in the groups they manage);
  2. plan publications in groups made by members or a Facebook profile created for the association.
  3. Some information is intended to be shared in more specific spaces such as groups or events rather than on your page.
  4. To avoid duplication, remember to diversify the tone and/or the information you transmit on these different channels.
  5. Your Facebook page can serve as a “funnel” to then access these spaces.

Mistake #8: Not linking to your other tools

Do you have a blog, a website, a Youtube channel…? Share the content produced on your different platforms on your page. Be careful, however, to always contextualize the content: do not just share a link, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali put an introductory sentence, call on your audience to interact with it, ask it to give you feedback, etc.

Mistake #9: Not taking the time to evaluate

Taking the time to evaluate your communication is an essential step in adapting your strategy in the future. Don’t dwell on quantitative numbers like the number of “likes” or clicks on an article. Also take into account the qualitative aspect such as the content of the comments or the texts that accompany a sharing. The “statistics” tab of your page is an essential tool to discover in order to know the niches in which your publications could have the most reach, to check that you are reaching your target audience, to follow the evolution of your subscribers and /or your “likes”, etc.

Mistake #10: Thinking it’s easy

As you will have understood, developing your page takes time and energy. In an association, where communication missions are generally supported by volunteers, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali it is important to be clear about what you can and want to do. Take the time to know your internal strengths and weaknesses to collectively build a realistic and inventive communication strategy.


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